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Give your brain a break

Maclaine Chadwick | Fulcrum Staff

THERE IS NO doubt in my mind that you are a dedicated, hardworking student. You probably do all of your readings, you probably get straight A’s, and you are definitely never distracted from your studies. I’m even willing to bet that you study for hours at a time because you get so lost in your work that you forget about staying active or getting enough food.

With exams coming up, your mind’s fitness is probably taking priority over that of your body’s. Even though school is definitely important (don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to prepare for beach season after exams are over), you should still take a few minutes every day for a bit of physical exercise. Even if you can only spare the time for a brisk walk around campus, you will increase blood flow to your brain, release endorphins, and shake off some stress. Here are some quick and easy exercises that will give you the break you need from the books.

Campus circuit 

Step outside of the concrete walls of Morisset Library and take a stroll around campus! One “lap” of the U of O (walking down King Edward Avenue. to the Sports Complex, then back to Morisset through campus) takes about 15 minutes, depending on your stride—the perfect amount of time to clear your head, get some fresh air, and maybe even gain a fresh perspective on that essay you’ve been trying to write.

Take the stairs 

When you do venture to the library, don’t bother waiting for a spot in a cramped elevator. There is never a lineup for the stairs, and walking up to your floor can actually be your quickest option. If you’re mid-studying and you feel like you need to walk it out a little bit, walk up and down the stairwell once or twice to loosen up and re-focus on your studies.

Literary lunges

If you feel your lower body cramping up and are in need of a quick fix, utilize the aisles created by the bookshelves to do some lunges and stretch out those legs. If you’re feeling really bold, throw a couple of burpies in there to give your core a refresher, too. Are people staring at you? Maybe, but you’ll be the one laughing when you settle back into your chair feeling refreshed and ready to ace your finals.


Do you even lift? 

If you feel your biceps are in need of a pick-me-up, grab a hardcover or two and do a few curls. Tricep curls will look more casual and less douchey, but if you are even considering doing curls in the library, something tells me you aren’t worried about that. Be careful with the books you choose, too—some journals and large books in the library can get pretty heavy.