The team will be playing all home games here at Gee-Gees Field. Photo: Greg Mason.
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Draw and blowout win in North Ontario trip boosts U of O to 1-0-1

In their first regular season matchups, the Gee-Gees looked strong as they came away with one draw and one blowout win against Nipissing and Laurentian, on Aug. 25 and 26, respectively.

It wasn’t the first look for the women’s soccer squad this season, as they previously took to the pitch against the University of Alberta Pandas for some exhibition action on Aug. 15.

This was the team’s first match at Gee-Gees Field in five years.

The field, which regularly hosts the football team, will be shared with the women’s soccer team for the upcoming season. It will also host the U Sports women’s soccer championship in the fall.

The team looked strong in its first exhibition match there, despite being unable to capitalize on a few good scoring chances.

In the Gee-Gees’ first regular season game against the Nipissing Lakers in North Bay, the lone U of O goal was an equalizer from forward Delaney Rickett-Hall in the 59th minute of play.

While this was a promising match, at the next day’s game versus the Laurentian Voyageurs in Sudbury, the Gee-Gees were firing on all cylinders.

Rickett-Hall netted her second of the season 25 minutes in, but it didn’t stop there.

Third-year forward Mikayla Morton added another towards the end of the first half, and two more after half to give her a hat-trick.

Fifth-year midfielder Katherine Bearne added her own in the second half, and the Gee-Gees ended up coming away with a 5-0 win.

With that victory, the Gee-Gees move up to a 1-0-1 regular season record.

The Gee-Gees will be back in action on the road for the regular season Sept. 1 and 2 vs. Nipissing and Laurentian, respectively. They won’t play their first regular season match at home until Sept. 15. You can find tickets for the match here.