Men's basketball
The Gee-Gees were unable to defeat Carleton yet again, losing the game 64-59, dropping their record to 10-2. Photo: Alex Rivette/Fulcrum
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Despite second quarter comeback Gees can’t beat Ravens

Sitting at 10-1 in the Ontario University Athletics standings, the Gee-Gees men’s basketball team was looking to take down the team who handed them their only loss of the season. 

After falling to the Carleton Ravens at the Capital Hoops Classic 71-58, the U of O team welcomed their rivals to Montpetit Hall on Wednesday night for a rematch. 

With the stands packed, it was sure to be a loud one. 

Carleton’s Aidan Warnholz was the first on the board, putting up a three right in front of the Gee-Gees bench. Before the Gees could respond, the Ravens were back on the attack. 

The Ravens actually spent the majority of the first quarter with possession of the ball as the U of O struggled to find their footing, unable to score until Cole Newton found the basket in the final three minutes of the opening quarter. 

Coming off the bench with 1:45 on the clock, Thomas Chilton was alone under the basket to put an easy one in for the Gees. 

That was literally it, and the Ravens ended the quarter leading 17-4. 

Josh Inkumsah started things off in the second, but the Gee-Gees had a long way to go. 

Unfortunately for the Gee-Gees, the momentum was still on the Ravens side. 

With five minutes left in the half, U of O head coach James Derouin called a timeout in an attempt to slow down the Carleton squad. 

The Ravens in fact, did not slow down, and instead built their lead up to 29-12. 

But the Gee-Gees didn’t show any signs of giving up, and instead, went on a run, clawing their way back into the game. 

A three-pointer by Inkumsah woke up the crowd, and brought the Gees within six. 

At the buzzer, the scoreboard read 30-28 for the Ravens. 

The Ravens came out hot in the third, a bit too hot as Dragan Stajic drew a charge. Even with the Gee-Gees playing tough defense, Warnholtz found the basket from behind the arch to make it 33-28 for Carleton. 

Newton responded with his own, but Carleton’s Connor Vreeken wanted in on the action. And so did Cordell Viera. 

39-33 for the Ravens. 

Viera earned back to back points, rebuilding the Carleton lead. But at this point everyone knew better than to rule out this U of O squad. 

Great defensive pressure from the Gee-Gees turned into points for Newton and on the next possession, he was able to draw a foul and drown a pair of free throws. 

Carleton maintained their lead 49-45 with ten minutes left to play. 

The beginning of the final quarter was back and forth, but it was clear the Gees defense was not as solid as it was just moments ago. 

Inkumsah fouled out with 5:39 left on the clock, leaving the game with five points and three rebounds. 

While it looked like the game might slip away again, Boursiquot threw up a three pointer to get the crowd cheering. He then took it away for a layup. 

Just seconds later, Boursiquot forced a turnover, the ball ending up in Guillaume Pépin’s hands. An unsportsmanlike foul against the Ravens meant Pépin would be shooting free throws. 

Both were made, and the Ravens lead 59-57 with 3 minutes to go. 

The teams exchanged baskets, and in the last 30 seconds of play, the Ravens had the score and the time on their side. 

Up 61-59, 18 seconds on the clock, and a guy on the free throw line, it was looking pretty good for the Ravens. 

The Gee-Gees were unable to defeat Carleton yet again, losing the game 64-59, dropping their record to 10-2.