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Caleb Agada — Men’s Basketball

The Fulcrum had a chance to sit down with Caleb Agada, second-year point guard for the University of Ottawa men’s basketball team.  The men’s team is currently 4–0 in the regular season and on a 12-game winning streak.

The Fulcrum: Why did you choose the University of Ottawa?

Agada: It wasn’t only for basketball. We have a pretty prestigious school. Last year, I had what I believed were two of the best guards in the country and I wanted to learn  off them.

What did coach James Derouin tell you that convinced you to come here?

He told me that if I want to come to one of the best programs and to make a difference this was the best place for me, so I vibed from that.

What is game day like at home and on the road?

At home, it’s just trying to do everything as fast as possible, get a quick nap in, then get ready to go. On the road, it’s the same situation except we’re in a hotel. It’s a bit more hectic than when we are at home.

Rank the following in order of importance: basketball, school, family, and social life.

Number one is family for sure. My mom, my sister—I love them very much. School and basketball I feel are on the same level, to be honest. I want to take basketball as far as I can go, but I also want to be very serious in school. Social life is whatever.

Are you the best dunker on the team?

I’d like to say so but I have to give out a special shout-out to my boy Nick Jordan. He is doing some crazy stuff in warm-ups.

Speaking in terms of fashion, who is the Russell Westbrook of the team?

Last year, it was Dimitrios Seymour. He just had a different kind of swag. This year, it has to go to Johnny Berhanemeskel. He’s always wearing these Air Maxes, these pants, and the shirts. He just dresses too well.

 Who is the funniest guy on the team?

It would probably be me. I’m a goof and I like to laugh. Probably me or Mehdi Tihani. We like to have fun and joke around.  One of the two of us.

Who controls the music in the locker room?

Everybody gets to play it. If you really want yours, you just have to come in early and put it on.

What was your celebrity crush in high school and who is it today?

Meagan Good.  Just Meagan Good.

What’s one thing nobody can beat Caleb at?

I can’t think of anything right now. I don’t know, I’m just a regular kid. I’m not extraordinary at anything.


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