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Myriam and Kelsie English – Volleyball

Meet the University of Ottawa women’s varsity volleyball team captain Myriam English, a fourth-year social science student, and her sister Kelsie English, also a fourth-year social science student. These two sisters are veterans who are looking to lead the team to the podium this year at nationals.

The Fulcrum: Why did you choose the University of Ottawa?

Myriam: We wanted to go somewhere we could learn in French and English. It was also somewhere close to home and the volleyball program here is one of the best.

How does being sisters affect how you play on the volleyball court?

Myriam: By being twins I feel like I can understand her without her saying anything. I feel like I can understand what she’s thinking on the court.

Kelsie: We’re also able to tell each other things that we won’t be able to tell others. Our teammates are at a point where they now understand that aspect of our relationship.

How do you find the volleyball team here at the university as opposed to other volleyball teams you’ve played on?

Myriam: We have one of the best programs in Ontario. When we talk to our friends who play on other university teams and compare it to our experience here, we have it so good.

How do feel the season’s going so far?

Kelsie: We need to find an identity as a team still, but we truly feel that we’ll go to nationals this year and we’ll do well this year. Last year [2012] we placed fourth, so hopefully this year we can land on the podium.

How does the team interact together off the court?

Kelsie: We’re very close as a team and definitely your best friends are on the team. We usually go out as a team, but we are so busy during the season that it occurs mainly during the off-season.

What’s your favourite food to eat together?

Myriam: Pepperoni and bacon pizza, but it has to be warm.

If you were toppings on a poutine, what would those toppings be?

Myriam: I think we’d be a pretty traditional type of poutine.

Kelsie:  Something with bacon, of course

Myriam: And onions, because they have an interesting texture.

Kelsie: Carrots. Everyone likes carrots.

Would you eat that poutine?

Myriam & Kelsie: No.

What are your favourite animals?

Kelsie: Pigs, especially the really small cute ones—teacup pigs.

Myriam: Either cats or dogs. They are friendly pets.

What are your favourite TV shows?

Myriam: We really like reality television: The Voice, Big Brother and The Bachelorette.

Kelsie: We don’t find usual television comedy funny but we prefer reality television because we find it more interesting.

What are your aspirations beyond your undergrad?

Myriam: We’re both hoping to go to teacher’s college after this year. Hopefully we can work at the elementary school level.

Kelsie: It’s not a deal breaker if we work at the same school or not, but it would be really neat if we could.