Garry Balaganthan

Explaining the war against one-day fantasy leagues There is no two ways about it, sports betting will always be present regardless of its legality. The FBI has launched an investigation into whether or not one-day fantasy sports sites based in the United States, like FanDuel and DraftKings, are illegal gambling operations. What these new sites …

But there’s a serious limitation to analytics:It wouldn’t be sports without miracles, and on any given day each competing team has a chance to win. But with the advancement of ideas, data analysis, and tracking methods, the impact on sports is going to continue to grow.

Meet Nicholas Wagman, captain of the men’s fencing foil team. This first-year master’s of physiotherapy student is a veteran of the sport, having fenced for 17 years. He has accumulated numerous accolades and awards, including an Ontario University Athletics all-star selection this season, and is currently the national university champion for men’s foil.

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