The new Sport Services’ commercial portrays varsity athletes unequally.

Women’s rugby, men’s hockey, women’s volleyball and track and field athletes were overlooked. Last year, our women’s volleyball team was crowned Ontario University Athletics (OUA) champions and brought home a Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) national bronze medal.

In the commercial, the women’s basketball team was the only one laughing outside of practice; other athletes were represented as purely focused and serious. Fourth-year science student Gabriel Gonthier-Dubue of the men’s basketball team was taking a run in the tunnel near campus bus station leading to the canal.

Despite its misinformed perceptions of some teams and athletes, the purpose of the commercial was to catch the eye of a typical U of O student. The fans were even represented in the commercial, which is important because they have a great impact on athletes. The Gee-Gees love having a big crowd behind them as they perform their sport. The idea of the commercial is exactly what U of O students need. Hopefully a few improvements will be made in the next Gee-Gees commercial.