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Outdoor team sports cost a fraction of individual registration

Camrin McCarty | Fulcrum Contributor

Photo by Marc Jan

INTRAMURALS RARELY REQUIRE more than one hour of commitment a week.  As for the money, don’t worry about it with the Fulcrum’s guide to playing intramurals without breaking the bank.

Lesson One: Sports

There are 10 intramural sports offered at the University of Ottawa: ball hockey, basketball, dodgeball, flag football, hockey, soccer, touch football, touch rugby, ultimate Frisbee, and volleyball.

Before we get ahead of ourselves and pick just one, let’s consider some other factors.

Lesson Two: Fees

There are two different ways to register for intramurals: as a team or as an individual.  Individual leagues include basketball, hockey, soccer, touch rugby, and volleyball.  Each one costs $30.97, except for hockey, which costs $59.29.

Team registration is available for nine intramural sports —rugby being the odd one out. Registering a team costs $287.61, but the price can be distributed evenly throughout (except for a hockey team, which costs $1,415.93). Registering the minimum amount of players for an indoor sport will break down to $35.96 each between eight people, while an outdoor sport is $23.97 each between 12 people.

So far, the frugal choice is an outdoor sport.  It’s cheaper and a great way to get some Vitamin D. Facebook is also a gold mine for finding new teammates.

Lesson Three: Equipment

Keep in mind that equipment is not provided. For example, hockey rules require you to bring a minimum of a hockey stick, to wear a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved helmet, and to have a neck guard. Purchasing these three items can easily add up to $80.

Third-year commerce student Zach Chretien  says that for intramural ball hockey you need a stick and a helmet with a cage. Fortunately for Chretien, he already had the equipment and adds, “I bought a stick and paid my fee for 40 bucks.”

Always remember that equipment is not provided. If you don’t already have it, stick to sports like basketball and ultimate, where running shoes are the basic requirements.

Lesson Four: Uniforms

A basic jersey is provided upon registration, which then requires the addition of a player number. In terms of customizing jerseys, Chretien explains that they used sharpies to apply numbers to their sleeves. Sharpies are a cheap way to add style to your team, but customizing tees can be inexpensive.  Staples or Grand & Toy offer 12-pack iron-on T-shirt pages for white shirts $15. This is a cost-effective way to add spirit and swag to your team – as third-year engineering student Brian Perry says, “Custom uniforms? What’s not to like!”.

In the end, registering a full 20-person team can bring the fee down to just under $15. Most sports have competitive and recreational divisions and only take up one hour per week.  They’re a combination of fun, friends, and fitness.

The final registration date for the fall semester is Sept. 12, and you can register a team online or by visiting the Gee-Gees website.