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Perhaps the biggest misconception, or rather wrongful association that people make about fetishes, is that they must pertain to or interact directly with a person’s sexuality. But fetishes don’t play a role in defining a person’s sexuality, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

The University of Ottawa Liberty Society erected a wall of free speech Feb. 5–6 in response to the U of O’s failing grade on a free expression index released in October. The wall was intended to be an exercise in free speech for all students, but was covered with remarks from the Revolutionary Student Movement (RSM), formerly called the Marxist Students’ Association.

The Ottawa Sports Awards (OSAs) recognize amateur athletes as well as senior and veteran coaching members for excellence in their respective domains in sport, and have been operating annually since 1953.

“Our top eight on the men’s and women’s are as good as anybody. Now it’s just a question of seeing how the rest of the team stacks up against the best in the OUAs,” he said. “That’s the fun part. We don’t know and we’re going to find out.”

“The reason we signed him is because we feel like he has a chance to compete strongly,” said Brock Sunderland, assistant general manager for the RedBlacks. “We liked not only what he did this year, but what he did in 2012 as a wide receiver.”

Off the court, Derouin is an approachable character with an amiable allure, which earns him the trust of his athletes and sometimes complaints from Andy Sparks, head coach of the women’s team. However, Derouin isn’t quick to smile.

This game marked the second Capital Hoops win for the U of O women since it began in 2008. Although the Gees do not have a great record for the Classic, the U of O has finished ahead of Carleton in the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) finals and at the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) nationals for the past several years.

Teams from various universities come together to build concrete toboggans and race them down a hill. While the event is centered around the race, it also includes thematic aspects and spirit points for peripheral feats such as safety videos, style and cheers.

Read up on Saturday’s Gee-Gees action in the Jan. 18 highlight reel, including women’s volleyball, men’s hockey, and both basketball teams.

Own the cold with a flurry of sports and activies on the calendar this month Photos courtesy of Richard Whittaker, SFUO, and Marc Jan The month of January has far more to offer in terms of entertainment than white powdery snow and chilly breezes. To keep you active, or at the very least entertained, the …

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