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The Highlight Reel: Jan. 17

Women’s hockey trounced

The Gee-Gees ended the night with a 9–2 loss against the Montreal Carabins, tipping their even record to a 6–7 in regular season play.

The Gees really suffered in the second period with Montreal netting four goals. It wasn’t a complete loss, however, in that the Gees kept Montreal’s shot count down to 32 and managed to stay within range with their own shots on net. They fell behind in power plays, going 0–4 versus the Carabins’ 2–5.

Next, they face McGill on Jan. 19 on home ice at 2 p.m.

Marc Jan

Men’s hockey behind in the new year

The Gees lost 4–2 last night to the Nipissing Lakers in North Bay, bringing their new year record to 2–3.

The Gees fell behind in the second period after the Lakers capitalized on a power play. While they managed another goal in the third, they failed to equalize and make a comeback. The Gee-Gees maintained their superior play in terms of puck domination and shots, racking up 39 to Nipissing’s 23, but couldn’t find the net.

The loss leaves the team with a regular season record of 12–8, which puts them in fifth place in the Ontario University Athletics  east division.

Next, they face Laurentian on the road tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Marc Jan

Women’s basketball caught by the Blues

A 52–45 loss to the Toronto Varsity Blues was the Gees’ first game of the season with fewer than 50 points scored. The loss leaves the Gee-Gees with a 8–4 season record and second in their division, just behind the Ravens.

The Gee-Gees had momentum with a strong 29–18 lead after the first two quarters in Friday’s home game, but fell behind only scoring 16 points in the final two quarters.  Although they did marginally better in terms of shots, the Gees seemed to lack offensive opportunities in the third and fourth and fell behind in terms of overall shots taken. Heavily focused on  their shooting game, the team was unable to bring the ball inside the key.

Next is their home game against Ryerson tonight at 6 p.m.

—Marc Jan

Men’s basketball down the Blues

Other than small technical difficulties during the national anthem, everything worked in favour of the Gee-Gees men’s basketball team on Jan 17.

Gees’ forward Gabriel Gonthier-Dubue scored the first two points at home in over two months for the Gee-Gees as they returned their stellar number-two ranked play to Montpetit Hall. Ottawa quickly established the pace in the first quarter.  Toronto capped off the quarter with a buzzer-beating three-pointer, but the top highlight of the quarter was shooting guard Caleb Agada’s thunderous dunk. The hot streak continued during the second quarter as point guard Mike L’Africain found Agada for the alley-oop. L’Africain was not only dishing it out to his teammates; he also went four in five from the three.

Gees’ forward Terri Thomas opened the second half with a slam-dunk. Shooting guard Johnny Berhanemeskel regained his MVP form as he scored back-to-back threes, doubling the amount of points that U of O had on Toronto. The Gee-Gees were hitting every shot they wanted.

With a handful of threes by L’Africain and Moe Ismail, a strong second half by Berhanemeskel, highlights by Agada, and a vicious dunk followed by a stare-down by Thomas later, the garnet and grey walked away with the victory and remain undefeated at home.

Next, they’ll be dealing with Ryerson in their home game tonight at 8 p.m.

—Moussa Sangaré-Ponce