Outdoors club features activities from hiking to skiing. Photo: CC, Skeeze.
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Club provides recreational activities throughout the year

There are many clubs here at the University of Ottawa, catering to every possible interest a student might have, and the outdoors club is just one of them. With a distinct focus on having fun in the wilderness, the club organizes a multitude of events for both seasoned nature-lovers and those students venturing out of their apartment for their very first time.

Anna Ananchenko, a third-year student in biomedical science at the U of O and long-time Outdoors Club member said, “Generally, the club is just about having fun outdoors. There are a bunch of different trips that happen throughout the year, with varying degrees of difficulty.”

With the U of O campus situated in the heart of downtown Ottawa, students can often lose sight of the multitude of opportunities that await them at various parks in the area, such as Gatineau Park.

As an example of the events that are put on by the club, this past weekend there was a three-day canoe trip at Algonquin Park. Later on in the semester, they will be making a trip to the Adirondack mountains. These two diverse events are just some opportunities to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The club is very active during September and October when the weather is more accommodating, with events usually happening on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. In the winter months, the club operates when the weather permits. “There are groups that like to do cross-country skiing and snowshoeing as well. it all really depends on the interests of the members,” said Ananchenko.

The club also allows members to organize their own trips if they have particular interests in a field. Talking with the executive, members can organize trips with the required equipment.

Ananchenko talked about one of her favourite events, the Brown’s cabin trip in Gatineau park, “It’s literally just going to Gatineau Park, renting a cabin that can fit 20 people, and just hanging out… hiking, swimming, boulder and look at the caves, just really whatever people want to do,” she said. “It’s kind of a get to know each other event, and a beginner kind of event.”

This event usually happens twice a year, with one cabin trip this past month, and the other in November.

Ananchenko explained how students can join the club: “You need to be a student at the University of Ottawa, and you pay a $15 fee for the membership, and the membership lets you go on all the trips that are happening. There is also a waiver that must be signed. It is ideal to sign up at the beginning of the year at the club fair, but if a someone would like to join later they are encouraged to go to the Facebook page, uOttawa Outdoors Club.”

With a wide range of activities, this club offers a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with your U of O peers.

Note: A previous version of this article stated that the club’s fee was $50. We regret the error.