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photo by Mico Mazza

A conversation with offensive

leader Aaron Colbon

THE GEES ARE back for yet another season, and having already won two of three games, the U of O football team is well on its way to the Yates Cup. But who is the leader of the offensive lineup that has played such an instrumental role in these wins? Aaron Colbon, a fourth-year psychology and leisure studies student at the U of O and veteran player, was recently offered the position of starting quarterback. With some pretty big shoes to fill, Colbon was excited to sit down with the Fulcrum and talk about the person behind the uniform.

The Fulcrum: Why did you choose to study psychology and leisure?

Aaron Colbon: Actually my first choice was human kinetics, but I couldn’t get the marks coming out of high school. I started with a general bachelor in social sciences to find out what I was interested in besides human kinetics [and] to get the marks I needed for teacher’s college.

When and how did you first get into football?

I actually started [playing] in Grade 10 of high school. I had been playing soccer and hockey most of my life, but I really had a passion for football. I loved watching it and my whole family was into it, so I decided to make the switch.

Did you always play quarterback?

My first year I played running back and receiver; I was kind of everywhere on offence. In Grade 11, I moved to quarterback.

Do you want to get into professional football?

Yeah, that’s always the dream. Let’s see how my [interuniversity] career goes, but that’s the dream. Seeing Brad [Sinopoli] do it gives me the motivation—maybe I can make it into the CFL.

It must be difficult following Brad Sinopoli, or anyone who is drafted into the CFL. How do you handle it?

Well, I try not to think about it that much. I think about the positives. I got to learn from a guy like [Sinopoli] who is always professional, a hard-working guy, and a great leader. I got to see him every day, and I try and do what he did.

What are your personal goals for this season?

Just for me, I want to be a great leader for this team. Lead the guys to work hard every day, get better every day, and motivate the guys to win a championship.

Is there anything you want to change regarding the offensive plays for the remainder of the season?

Things have been going pretty well so far. It depends on who we are playing. Maybe to run the ball a little more, be a bit faster, but I think we’ll keep things the way we’ve been playing. It’s been pretty successful so far.

Any predictions for the upcoming season?

We always want to make it as far as we can. Yates Cup would be amazing. Vanier Cup is always the constant goal. We’ve always had confidence in our team … We know what talent we have and we have some great athletes. I do think we can go all the way.

—Katherine DeClerq