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HERE WE ARE again—another year of sleepless nights, stress-induced headaches, and caffeine sprees. That dreaded September school year has crept up on us once more, and with that a few particular  back-to-work dreads.

Whether it is your first year at the U of O or your fourth, I challenge you not to fall into that rut of caffeinated beverages and hermit-style life. There is a very simple way of succeeding in this challenge, and it can be summed up in one easy yet oh-so powerful word: Sports!

No, I don’t mean you should rush off and join one of the many varsity teams, competitive clubs, or intramurals, although I do encourage that if you enjoy playing the sport in question. Rather I am talking about attending sports games—being one of thousands of students wearing garnet and grey, cheering on our teams to the finals.

I can just see your face—is this really turning into a you-should-get-involved-in-activities-on-campus speech? Well, the answer would be yes and no.

Sports offer more than just a way to get involved in university life. First of all, it gives you the opportunity to show your school spirit, something that is unfortunately lacking from a university as large as the U of O. Name one other scenario in which you can yell and swear at Carleton students and it be considered appropriate?

Secondly, it acts as the perfect study

break. If you turn on that television you could be sucked in for hours on end. When you attend a Gees game, you can return refreshed and ready to study—as long as you don’t go to the bar afterwards.

And lastly, it’s free!

Yes, all the Gees home games, except for varsity football because of the team’s use of the city’s stadium, are free to students of the University of Ottawa! See, this is what irks me. If the games are free, why do we always have a low attendance record—a record that continues to decrease every year? Our teams are decent and have all fared extremely well in their respective tournaments, so why don’t students take advantage of the give away and watch them kick some other university’s ass?

This question has been passed on from sports editor to sports editor with no answer in sight. And so, I hope you accept my challenge so I don’t have to leave this question hanging for my successor. I want to be able to tell him or her that attendance records have soared, that students have taken a new interest in our Gee-Gees, and that they have lifted our school spirit to that of a typical, large university.

-Katherine DeClerq

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