Borys Minger
Borys Minger says that he's looking forward to big atmosphere games like their home opener and Capital Hoops. Photo: Parker Townes/Fulcrum
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Plenty to look forward to now that university sports are back

Obviously, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen University of Ottawa athletes compete, but now, schedules are being released and game days are upon us. 

It’s exciting to see athletes training at 100 per cent and getting to put it to use, and to see stands filled with fans as the Gee-Gees battle it out against opposing teams. There’s a lot to be excited for as fans, but what are the athletes looking forward to? 

Borys Minger, a guard on the U of O’s men’s basketball team, is eager to be in games that have a special vibe. 

“I’m excited to get back to playing in big atmosphere games like the home opener, Capital Hoops, playoffs, and  nationals,” said Minger in an interview. 

In addition, being able to pack the stands is also something that makes the upcoming games exciting. 

“Having a lot of people in the stands adds to the energy and excitement, there’s nothing like it.”

From the women’s hockey team, Alice Fillion is glad to reconnect with her team and share the ice with her teammates after the pandemic. 

“I have truly missed having my team around and being able to do on and off ice team building activities; the chemistry we have is one of a kind,” Fillion said in an interview. 

“The sense of community is being restored within the Gee-Gee varsity athlete community — the energy is different this year.” 

Terrence Manly-Elliot, a goalkeeper on the U of O’s men’s soccer club, is also looking forward to getting together with his teammates. 

“I’m mainly excited about playing with my teammates that I haven’t seen in a while, as well as meeting new rookies on the team.”

It is great to see that athletes are getting the opportunity to play their sports again, and not only are the athletes excited, but fans are too. Having sports back on campus is great for the atmosphere and energy, and there are sure to be some great games throughout the year.