Dasser Kamran

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It is no revelation that this school year has been difficult for all due to COVID-19. The pandemic for most, if not all, has brought on deeply entrenched senses of stress, anxiety and loneliness, so let’s check on each other to combat those feelings.

The Queen's Council hardcover: Rebel Rose

Set in 1789, Rebel Rose follows Belle as she explores her new position of power while living in a castle and learns how to best use it to create justice in her country. Over time, she discovers how to use her voice, power, and privilege to help those less fortunate than herself in a world where many would rather silenced her.

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“Your athletes and your community do not want your emails or your social media posts, they want you to take accountability for your actions (or lack thereof), and implement sustainable change in the form of policies and action. Your words without action are and will continue to be empty,” write a collective of members from the University of Ottawa women’s rugby team.

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