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“Riding a unicycle just seems impossible,” said Jérémie Gaudreau, fourth-year mechanical engineering student at the University of Ottawa. “I still think it’s impossible.”

U of O president aims to create ‘unmatched’ bilingual resource to contribute to public policy Photo by Mico Mazza   CANADA WILL SEE its first school of government at the University of Ottawa as early as 2015, according to plans led by university president Allan Rock. The new school will aim to create a “national, …

Report calls program ‘deeply troubled,’ university halts admission of new students Photo by Adam Feibel   The University of Ottawa has suspended admission of new students to its journalism program for the upcoming academic year. A university committee decided to suspend admission to the program at the earliest opportunity after an internal report to the …

With no real idea about the activity known as slacklining—aside from satirically drawn black-and-whites from the ‘30s involving men with all-too-big moustaches and long balancing rods atop tall buildings in New York City—I decided to hit up local parks to investigate this recently popular hobby. And boy was I ever surprised.

Men’s basketball team welcomes new talent in off-season to replace key players THE UNIVERSITY OF Ottawa men’s basketball team will host three exhibition games against high-profile National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) opponents to kick off its 2013–14 season. The Gee-Gees will host the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs on Aug. 9, the University of Wisconsin …

The controversial performance by Rick Ross set to take place this week at the Ernst & Young Centre was cancelled after protests from students and other concerned citizens.

“I mean, I could keeping going and get a doctorate or something—become a doctor of English and save people’s lives with my analysis of medieval literature,” Hayes said. “But I figured hey, if I’m going to be paying out my ass for tuition, I might as well learn and contribute something valuable to society.”

Sometimes people just need a reminder to take a few moments to appreciate life around them. They’re moments to learn more about patience, compassion, and responsibility. Those moments can last a lifetime. And people—young people, especially—can learn a lot from individuals with developmental disabilities.

The University of Ottawa found its place in the vast archive of viral YouTube sensations as students joined in on the popular Harlem Shake on Parliament Hill.

While friends and family usually top the list, here are a few more unconventional things people are grateful for.

Harlan Cohen, author of the bestselling book The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College, took a few minutes before his guest lecture at the University of Ottawa’s Alumni Auditorium to talk about what makes the university and college experience different from any other.

Thomson insisted I bring earplugs, but I forgot, of course, so he came prepared with an extra set. It’s a good thing he did, because Sparrows’ blisteringly loud and effects-laden brand of post-hardcore—influenced by bands like Small Brown Bike, Moving Mountains, and perhaps most noticeably, Moneen—ricochets off the walls of the dimly lit basement.

The Fulcrum has some tasty meal suggestions which will satisfy your taste buds and your budget alike.

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