A new study space isn’t sexy, and it doesn’t have a flashy appeal. You could even make the case that it’s something the university administration should provide, and not the SFUO. All of those things are true, but a new study space is the kind of boring, unappealing piece of infrastructure that can actually improve the lives of students on campus.

Maintaining your perfect summer bod can be a daunting task, but the Tomato is here to help. Working out can be fun if you do it right, and with this list we guarantee that by the end of the summer you’ll be ready for your next Friends marathon.

Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill THE SANDY HILL Lounge and Grill is serving up one of the best breakfasts near campus on the corner of Blackburn and Somerset Street East. Apart from dishing up mouth-watering burgers, the perfect medium-rare steak, $10 pitchers of beer, Cajun-inspired meals, and some of the best pies in the city, …