Canadian music

The annual Polaris Prize Gala gives an award to one Canadian album as the best of the year, chosen from a shortlist created by a jury of 196 journalists, academics, radio hosts, and business insiders.

Although Green is best recognized for progressions in acoustic power chords, especially on his 2008 album Bring Me Your Love. However his newest work shows a distinct change of pace in sound. Where there was once a soft linear flow of songs, there is now a forte that speaks to the audience in a transformed, sharp, bluesy thundering of songs, but is still directed by lofty introspection from beginning to end.

Fulcrum contributors’ picks for the Polaris Prize THE POLARIS MUSIC PRIZE is a $30,000 music award given to the best Canadian full-length album of the year.  A jury of music journalists, broadcasters, and bloggers chooses the winning album based on its artistic merit, without regard to genre, sales, or professional affiliation. The Polaris Prize Gala …