colin macdougall

I’m the guy behind you. And I’m here because I want to succeed in my courses, and your online shopping experience is making that decidedly difficult. Who knows, you might even find the lecture interesting if you cared to look up from your screen — what a novel idea.

An interview with Eric Landry, member of local band Ooluu Photo by Matt C. I’m sitting in a dim, black-lit room in the basement studio of one of the most peculiar Ottawa bands to date. With me are Eric Landry, a University of Ottawa graduate, and Asa Holloh, a fourth-year English major, the lead singer …

Gone are the days when it’s acceptable to be tagged on Facebook holding a Pabst Blue Ribbon or a Smirnoff Ice. No, you need something that communicates just how sophisticated you and your taste in alcohol are.

We asked students to come up with some of the best lessons they picked up in first semester that they plan on carrying into the winter one.