Although improv is, well, improvisational, there’s a lot of work that goes into preparing for a show. Campbell described it as tools to keep in your back pocket—knowledge of how stories progress, different genres and styles to perform, and other tricks and tools learned from plenty of practice.

The troupe, which is made up of Watson and three of her friends, sets all of their sketches in the 1950s. All of the women bring different education backgrounds to the table, putting interesting spins on their sketches.

Swingers stands out amongst comedies as being unique and innovative in its subject matter and setting. It led the way for other comedies, like Seinfeld, being one of the first to be essentially about nothing in particular, but still being able to draw in audiences.

Though the beginning of the show was promising and his insights on the corruption of a capitalist society rang true to me, as the show progressed, he dove further and further into a pool of cheap, predictable sex jokes.

Ottawa comedy group launches web series IN THE FIRST year of its inception, the Ottawa Sketch Group has attracted significant buzz in the Ontario arts scene for their hilarious performances. Even though part of the team’s success can be credited to their knack for good jokes and comedic timing, the group was actually born out of …