Daniel LeRoy

Students actually do have a chance to make a difference. By voting for the Green Party, they have the opportunity to launch a champion of proportional representation into the running, and topple these eternal Liberal and Conservative fiefdoms that have dominated Canada for far too long.

An activist group by the name of Anarcho Féministe Outaouais stole the Coca-Cola banner from Café Nostalgica on Sept. 25 and asked the Graduate Students’ Association (GSAÉD) to sever ties to the company.

IN ORDER TO accommodate the University of Ottawa Heart Institute’s upcoming expansion, the Civic Hospital is building a multi-level parking garage, to contain up to 700 new parking spaces, much to the frustration of its neighbours.

Hundreds of federal science employees, students, and supporters in Canada came together Sept. 16 in protest of the alleged muzzling of scientists by the Harper government that has occurred in recent years.

A UNIVERSITY OF Ottawa club is aiming to raise money and awareness for the Syrian people in light of the country’s ongoing crisis.

Two University of Ottawa students won $20,000 to further invest in their new company in a pitch competition for student entrepreneurs.

Growing numbers of applicants and a lack of on-campus space have been a growing problem that has forced Housing Service to place first-year students in Sandy Hill homes that the service owns and manages; however, this solution is no longer a viable option.

A COMMITTEE MADE up of members of Food Services, Housing Service, the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO), and more is deliberating on how to improve the U of O’s food services. “As campus stands right now, Food Services are unable to keep up with demand,” said Patrick Genest, director of Food Services. …

U of O president aims to create ‘unmatched’ bilingual resource to contribute to public policy Photo by Mico Mazza   CANADA WILL SEE its first school of government at the University of Ottawa as early as 2015, according to plans led by university president Allan Rock. The new school will aim to create a “national, …

The New Democratic Party (NDP) intends to implement improved event guidelines following an incident of sexual harassment at their policy convention in Montreal this past April. Among the motions discussed and passed by party members at the convention was one geared towards addressing sexual harassment cases involving Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and federal employees. …

The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) has implemented a new policy that will prevent companies from soliciting students’ signatures on contracts during 101 week.

U of O student Boris Vardomskiy has pulled out every stop to maintain his right to practice his hobby: target shooting. Having already spent $15,000 in legal fees, a case against Vardomskiy may still be far from resolved. In one of his U of O classes, Vardomskiy wrote two messages on an exam paper which …

Heat surges cause increase in hydro costs for the U of O Daniel LeRoy | Fulcrum Staff Illustration by Tina Wallace LAST MONTH, CALGARY floods displaced thousands of people, and this past week, Albertan premier Allison Redford released the most recent damage estimate. Across Alberta, the flood damage will exceed $3 billion. On July 8—two …

With quality TV programming like Full House and YTV’s Hit List; dial-up modems; music from Nirvana, Alanis Morissette, and Britney Spears; and fashion greats—who needed a belt, when you had a sweater to tie around your waist?—the ‘90s were years like no other.

Many hockey fans have been livid over the past few months as the Fehr-Bettman duo have deprived them of their favourite Saturday night activity. Many have even said they will boycott the NHL for the rest of the season.

“While the [recent] UN motion is a positive one that can do no harm to either Israelis or Palestinians, as far as we are concerned the struggle for Palestinian rights continues much as it did before, regardless of the vote.”

While the Gaza-Israel conflict has been reported on constantly over the past week, it leaves many Canadians wondering what it means for us. Why should we be concerned about a conflict so far away from our country?

“At the most basic level, everyone knows a hockey fan … It’s intense to think about how popular hockey really is in this country and to see all the little ways it’s tied into our lives.”

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