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U of O student Boris Vardomskiy has pulled out every stop to maintain his right to practice his hobby: target shooting.

Having already spent $15,000 in legal fees, a case against Vardomskiy may still be far from resolved.

In one of his U of O classes, Vardomskiy wrote two messages on an exam paper which led to the eventual seizure of his 11 guns.

“Tap, Rack, Bang,” read the first note, followed by a derogatory message about the girl sitting in the row in front of him. “[She is] behaving in a wanton manner, almost slut/whore-like. Despicable!”

These comments led police to search his house and seize his weapons. The Criminal Code allows for the seizure of weapons when police believe it to be upon reasonable grounds that a person’s possession of arms threatens public safety.

The police’s decision was first upheld by the courts before being overturned by Superior Court Justice Brian Abrams. Abrams argued that Vardomskiy “wasn’t charged with any crime, was properly licensed, and stored his registered guns and ammunition in a manner that exceeded legal requirements.”

The Crown, seeking to reinstate the firearm ban against the U of O student, has now further appealed the judgment. Regardless of the final verdict, Vardomskiy has now sold his 11 guns but he still hopes to retain his right to carry a weapon.

—Dan LeRoy