Ottawa heads to the polls on Oct. 22 to vote in this year’s municipal election. The Fulcrum spoke to candidates in five wards surrounding campus to hear their priorities and ideas on issues affecting students.

Pointing out how many calories people consume is unnecessary. If someone makes the choice to indulge on a slice of pizza, they should be able to enjoy their meal without feeling guilty.

I’m tired of seeing our senators turned into laughingstocks, our prime minister into a bully, and our legislation into omnibus metaphors. I’m tired of shrugging off signs that the democratic process isn’t being followed, that the concept of an informed electorate is a thing of the past, and that our government is broken.

I USED TO live in a very corrupt country, one where funding for a politician’s new home in the Bahamas was more important than funding for health care. In Ukraine, politicians would rather spend the country’s money on a $1,000 bottle of champagne than help citizens and lower the class divide. That’s exactly why I …