Job market

Millennials are facing a job market with more freedom to move While “not being able to hold down a job” would be seen as a character flaw for any Baby Boomer, switching jobs—and even fields—has become commonplace, and even a positive experience for many Millennials. Far from being a simple case of generational itchy feet, …

When your potential employer Googles you someday, what do you want them to see: a locked-down Facebook profile with nothing but your name, or a picture of a dedicated young professional who’s active, engaged, and enthusiastic?

… the lie that has been perpetuated is that if you go to university, you’ll get a well-paying, white-collar job—as opposed to your non-degree-holding counterparts. The magazine says that according to statistics, a person with a degree should make $1.3 million dollars more throughout their career than someone without one. But as Maclean’s pointed out, that just isn’t happening.