Justin Dallaire

Last year alone, three different cases revealed the difference in the way plagiarism is handled when the perpetrators are university staff.

“I thought I was a good swimmer until I tried water polo … my first game was a lesson in drowning. You’re constantly being pulled underwater by other people, people get in your face. There’s no bubble when you’re playing water polo.” -Chantel Goodman

Here are two recipes from two great people—Justin Dallaire and Jesse Colautti’s mothers—that will make you both figuratively and literally look outside the box.

“Before all else, we took the interests and well-being of our students into consideration while discussing the renovation plans,” said Robert Builder, president of the Office of Risk Management at the U of O. “Could we have broken ground in May when most students weren’t on campus? Absolutely, but that wouldn’t have made any sense.”

It would be incredibly difficult for the Conservatives to dismiss her views and charge her with embarking on a smear campaign in order to win the next federal election. If she were power hungry, she would join a different party.

The university acknowledges that many students want to work either full- or part-time during the summer, so courses are scheduled in three-hour blocks that make them easy to attend. Although heading to class after a long day at work is often difficult, it’s a short-term commitment that pays off in the long run.

Optimistic that the bill will improve the elections process at the federal level, a student lobbyist group at the U of O called Students for Fair Elections is advocating changing the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) elections to reflect the federal model, in hopes of making it more efficient and fair for everyone.

If universities have one purpose, is it not to put us in contact with as many ideas and perspectives as possible? More intellectual and cultural diversity on campus will promote collaboration, awareness and tolerance of those around us.

The message? Unless you’re a professional with a large fan base that can increase viewership of the games, your accomplishments somehow mean less. Although I doubt any of us truly think this way, it’s sadly the underlying message when all the attention is given to the pros.

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, Qu Tanzhou, director of the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration, said Arctic resources should “be allocated according to the needs of the world, not only owned by certain countries” and that “we cannot simply say that this is yours and this is mine.”

Wait—can’t we? Isn’t the “this is yours and this is mine” mentality crucial to international cooperation and peace? A refusal to see that is dangerous and could send us down a dangerous path where sovereignty means very little.

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