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Four memorable options for a romantic getaway in the city


Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club


If you’re looking to share some laughs on your date without sitting silently in front of a silver screen, try Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club on Elgin Street. The lineup of seasoned comedy veterans changes weekly, and there’s usually something for everyone on each given night.

To get the most bang for your buck, go on Thursdays when tickets are half price–only $7 each–for students, or on Fridays when they have a date night special of two tickets for $25, then stay after the show for free karaoke. Don’t forget to make reservations.

Their menu is concise, but their onion rings and duck confit nachos are top-notch. Just make sure you aren’t sitting at the front when you order those nachos—the comics have been known to stop the show and make jabs at the casual crunchers.

—Celina Feng

Murray Street


Murray Street is a fantastic place to bring a date—as long as he or she isn’t a vegetarian. 

This charcuterie, located on—you guessed it—Murray Street in the ByWard Market, will give you plenty of opportunity to impress, whether it’s choosing unusual menu items or paying the bill at the end of the night (their delicious eats do not come cheap). 

Feel comfortable ordering anything that stimulates your curiosity: with braised ox tail, pig shoulder, and more, it seems they’ve mastered every cut of meat imaginable. And you don’t necessarily need to drop a fortune when you go, although you’ll be tempted to. 

Go for the atmosphere, and grab a drink and share one of their “small plates,” the equivalent of an appetizer. Their poutine, served with duck confit on spaetzle, was once featured on an episode of You Gotta Eat Here, and is bound to blow you away. 

Be sure not to bring just any date to this local gem. Keep it for special occasions, or at least someone you intend on seeing again. Murray’s grub is just too good, and too expensive, to have it any other way. 

Justin Dallaire

Brothers Beer Bistro


Although the results of my dates at Brothers haven’t been exactly top-notch, I’ve always been amazed at how much better the service, food, and beer is compared to my game.

Brothers is a great place to go with someone you already love and want to share something incredible with, or with somebody who you don’t want to see again—the dining experience is that worth it.  

I recommend any of their specials on both the menu, and on draught. Their late night menu might be the best in the city, and is well worth a stop on your way home from dinner for a few apps and a drink.

—Jesse Colautti

The Manx


This is one of the most intimate and delicious spots in the city for a date. The warmth of the softly lit wood, the walls adorned in local art and the shine of the copper top tables make for an atmosphere titilating with instant romance.Their food is always plentiful and unique, while their service is phenomenal. 

One drawback of the Manx is its small size, so it’s sometimes difficult to get a table, but the confining space becomes a bonus as soon as you sit down, and instantly feel part of a warm and inviting community. 

This place has tricked a woman into thinking I’m interesting at least once, and I bet it can do the same for your crush if you give it the chance. 

—Jesse Colautti