Celina Feng

Fourth-year communications student Kendra Sellick, third-year marketing student Taylor Sudermann, and third-year international studies and modern languages student Taviana Macleod will be travelling to Europe to show that they have what it takes to survive a week in Europe by using only 24 cans of Red Bull as currency.

The Fulcrum takes a further look into band promotion. If you know someone who’s in a band, or you’re in one yourself, you probably know how hard it is to get discovered.

The University of Ottawa Muslim Students Association (UOMSA) is seeking access to more information from Food Services about halal meat at the cafeteria after several students reported eating a Quiznos sandwich thinking it was halal, only to discover the sauce is not.

The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) plans an annual series of free wintry events aptly named the Winter Challenge, but this year organizers have implemented new changes and surprises to switch up the experience.

How to win all the ugly Christmas sweater contests this holiday season  Photos by Tina Wallace While the prospect of receiving and having to wear an ugly Christmas sweater knit by your well-intentioned granny used to illicit groans, these sweaters are now staples in the wardrobes of many university students. To ensure you don’t fall …

Members of the recently founded club are actively recruiting new members who want to learn about vegetarianism and veganism, and those who want to help raise awareness and advocate for animal rights.