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A new take on their classic counterparts at the campus food truck festival

Photo by Saranya Sarin

Never fear, the food trucks are here.

Many would have recognized the fleet of food trucks outside the Faculty of Social Sciences building as the same crew on campus a year earlier for Community Life Service’s poutine festival, but this time they had a new agenda—tacos.

Bonita’s Cantina boasted consistently long lineups, Golden Fries impressed with Canadian-influenced lobster bacon tacos, and Green Papaya put a remarkable and unique Thai twist on a Mexican staple. The taco fillings may have been identical to what we saw at the poutine festival, but Green Papaya demonstrated the versatility of their clever recipes.

Green Papaya’s menu featured four items, including the popular Pad Thai taco, similar to its poutine twin from last year. I was hoping for a spring roll taco, but no such luck. Last year, their chili and basil beef poutine was absolutely sublime, so I had to sample the same in this year’s taco concoction—and I wasn’t let down. The fragrant spring onions and crunchy sprouts added a level of freshness to complement the perfectly seasoned and spiced beef. Although the tacos were small, there was plenty of delicious filling to make up for it.

Although I’ve had better tacos for the same price, I would definitely go again.


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