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In a larger sense, Starbucks epitomizes North American food culture in the 21st century. It’s modern, hip, and allows customers to personalize their order from an extensive menu selection. It also professes to use the best, high-quality ingredients and to conduct its business responsibly and ethically.

In short, 2013 was a year in which our successes were largely overshadowed by our failures. The resolutions I hoped the world kept crashed and burned along the way.

Just last month, Prime Minister Stevie Harper revealed he was duped by the comments of an attractive young journalist working for the Ottawa Denizen who described his helmet hair as “particularly fetching and stylish when seen next to Trudeau’s ridiculous curly locks.”

Due to its long and complex history, English seems to have developed a resilience and flexibility that has allowed it to emerge as the most universal language in the world. Its presence on the global stage makes it particularly susceptible to new words and formulations, but this trait also makes it more adaptable and likely to remain a linguistic power.

Although these stats may not matter to you personally as a healthy young adult, they certainly matter to the sick, the elderly, and the young we encounter everyday at school, at the mall, at the grocery store, and on the bus.

Contributors may have varying points of view on a topic, but through debate and discussion, a neutral consensus can often be reached. This is something foreign to many print publications, even academic ones.

“The sensationalism found in today’s media renders it tough to discern which foods are contributing positively to our collective health and which will likely put us in the ground,” said Roast. “That being said, I’m honoured to be one of the few who are admittedly contributing in a neutral way.”

Before you pay your tuition fees again, research your options thoroughly, meditate in a quiet place, separate hype from reality, and understand why you are making your educational decisions.

The legislation also seems to assume that people with religious convictions are bound to bring them into the workplace. Well, news flash: our attire does not change our ability to be neutral, nor will removing our religious symbols strip us from our religious beliefs.

Like all stereotypes, ours limit our true potential. Depicting Canadians in one specific way draws a line in the sand between who can and cannot be considered Canadian. The more strongly we believe in the stereotypical model, the more we come to see real Canadians as different, as not belonging, as unCanadian.

Equipped with state-of-the-art swivel chairs and projector screens, the building will be like no other arts building on campus. Students will even have access to their own electrical outlets, meaning they will no longer need to bring extension cords to class to use their laptops.

One of the problems lies with the University of Ottawa’s Food Services. Despite admirable attempts to improve, there has been little success in bringing about enough change to campus eating facilities. / There’s a time and place to cultivate your love for cooking, but your first year of university might not be it.

The poor experiences could teach us some valuable lessons for a future workplace, as we will surely face bosses we feel are unjust or unqualified and there will be no way for us to switch to another/ It is vital for students to have access to reviews on Rate My Professors in order to make the most informed decisions about their education.

Completing a doctorate can’t be that different, can it? The Fulcrum sat down with U of O grad students to find out.

It’s great that we’re having a meaningful debate, but if we never arrive at a conclusion or even a semblance of one, what’s the point? Just watch the Piers Morgan gun control debate with Alex Jones, an American gun activist, to get a sense of how free speech on steroids becomes a verbal boxing match with no winner.

Similar to Canada’s Own the Podium program, this new initiative by Sports Services allocates extra funding to a few U of O teams in an effort to become nationally recognized and to attract more students to our campus. But is this the right way to go in terms of seeking athletic success?

Dr. Google has become convenient, perhaps a little too convenient. In fact, according to recent studies, 80 per cent of people who visit health and medical websites self-diagnose on a regular basis. It’s as simple as quickly searching your symptoms and finding out what disease you’ve just contracted. In a matter of minutes, you have the answer to your most troubling questions.

Two Canadians wrongfully linked to Innocence of Muslims, South Korean navy fires shots towards North Korean fishing vessels, CLASSE not satisfied by tuition hike cancellation, and Supreme Court of Canada supports Vancouver prostitution challenge

The Canadian government announced on Sept. 6 that it will no longer defend Quebec’s asbestos-mining industry, a decision that was based on a campaign promise made by the recently elected Parti Québécois (PQ) government to stop the mining of the carcinogen.

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