Mathias Macphee

I asked myself, “How can I help both Bieber and anyone else from making such a grave fashion faux pas in the future?” With that in mind, I present to you my top ways to not look like a tool in front of the prime minister:

While the Gaza-Israel conflict has been reported on constantly over the past week, it leaves many Canadians wondering what it means for us. Why should we be concerned about a conflict so far away from our country?

There’s an anti-movement going on right now, and it’s subtler than you think. This movement is our fear of feminism.

[P]atriotism and nationalism are constructs and are therefore, by definition, manufactured. They are ideas that we think about, ideas to which we emotionally attach ourselves and connect our life experiences. They are ideas that help us understand who we are.

LIKE MANY STUDENTS, I’m sick of constantly checking my email and nervously waiting to see if I’ll get a reply from an employer for an interview. I’ve applied to countless jobs, made several cover letters, and created loads of online profiles to apply to these positions. It’s heartbreaking to feel as if you’re getting nowhere …