As any student knows, the last thing we need is to lose money. I’m not talking about tuition, student loans, fees, the cost of books, and everything else; but keep that in mind when you find out that some students will lose $3,000 on top of all this.

Dear Colleagues, I am in receipt of my e-bill from the University of Ottawa, which I will share: My bill for this semester is $3,410.77, including $925.40 for things I have no interest in supporting. This is a substantial amount for a Canadian student. Tuition is reasonable. The fees being grabbed for programs supported by …

 The government needs to cut recent graduates a break Illustration by Tina Wallace For some, graduation is just around the corner and the Ontario government is ready to masquerade as a credit agency, knocking on the doors of recent grads asking for their OSAP money back.     Many students are left in a crunch …

We hear all about the SFUO, but do we really know where our money goes? Infographic by Tina Wallace Dave Eaton, an international development student in the last year of his studies at the U of O, carries a heavier load of responsibility than the average 24-year-old. He’s the overseer of a multi-million dollar government …

The holidays are a financial struggle for most students since they’re often a break from part-time jobs at school. There are also the added costs of gift shopping, dinners out with old friends, and obligatory family outings.

Here are some ways to earn a little cash to ease the burden during the holiday break.

“It’s hard being a student today. There are just way too many expenses, and scholarships and bursaries can be so fickle,” said Banks. “If only students could shift their energy into finding money instead of earning it, we’d have a lot less financially troubled students.”

Websites like allow users to set a personal goal such as losing weight or exercising a certain amount per day. If you’re not successful, your money will be sent to a charity, an anti-charity (one you don’t like), or a friend/family member.

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