For October’s federal election, most polls are indicating that both the Liberals and Conservatives are tied for Canadians’ support. This means that it is more than likely that either party will end up with less than a majority of the seats in the House of Commons, thereby swinging the determination of the balance of power to the smaller parties.

Melissa Lyons, a graduate from the U of O’s teachers’ college and now a local teacher, pens an open letter to Premier Doug Ford in light of recent announcements of cuts to education.

Now if you are one of the young, innocent, university virgins, then listen up. Cause I am about to offer some advice from someone who may have made a few mistakes… correction: A LOT of mistakes.

We expect ourselves to be the best nation at any competition, but must we tarnish the names of young athletes, some of which who just received their driver’s licence? Next time Team Canada does not perform well at the World Juniors, look at Twitter, web forums, and articles for comments about the tournament. The vitriol aimed at the young men who proudly represent us to the best of their ability is sickening.

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