Denouncing a pumpkin spice latté as “basic” is an evolved form of not liking the colour pink, saying that hanging out with boys is less drama, and feeling a little bit guilty for loving romantic comedies.

The Fulcrum has put together a list of alternative shops that students can go to if the SFUO ceases to be able to fund its businesses on campus—or, if you are just looking to support non-SFUO initiatives.

If this fight against straws is representative of the amount work we are willing to do, we should be embarrassed.

Recently Starbucks has faced criticism for dropping designs from their annual Christmas cups and opting instead for a plain red and green cup. One of the most vocal critics of the new design was Donald Trump, who suggested that a boycott of Starbucks might be in order. What everyone seems to be forgetting, Trump included, …

Tim Hortons. Starbucks. Café Alt. Première Moisson. All of these establishments sell coffee on campus. But which joint serves up the best cup of joe?

Last year I elected to monitor a first-year University of Ottawa student for a 12-month period, in order to properly gauge the physical toll that the university lifestyle has on students. The results may surprise—and horrify—you. Look if you dare.

Tulip Festival uproots and leaves the National Capital Commission’s parks OTTAWA—THE CANDIAN TULIP Festival is switching venues for its 60th anniversary. The festival, which attracts over 500,000 visitors each year, will be put on in community sites around the city, instead of on the National Capital Commission’s (NCC) property, like Major Hills Park and Commissioner’s …