Although the wide selection makes it inherently difficult to choose just one meal, I opted for Nacho Cartel’s “Nila’s Chicken” and “Cali-Calui” tacos. Nacho Cartel, a food truck located at 200 Wilbrod Street that is only open during the warmer months, normally serves an array of different nachos and tacos, as well as milkshakes, but for this festival they are only serving these two tacos.

Members of the recently founded club are actively recruiting new members who want to learn about vegetarianism and veganism, and those who want to help raise awareness and advocate for animal rights.

In the world of beer pairings, people seldom think to include vegetarian fare on their menus. Swap the heavy meet pairings with this budget-friendly, easy to prepare, vegetarian meal that could even impress your parents. [styled_box title=”Pumpkin, squash and carrot soup, topped with Gruyère cheese” color=”blue”]Paired with: Mad and Noisy’s “Sunny and Share Citrus Saison” …

From roommates to classmates to my own mother, the vast majority of people I told about my vegan aspirations reacted with nothing but negativity.

The idea of going vegetarian, even for a day, can be terrifying to the average meat eater. Even if they are aware of the health benefits of avoiding meat, some find it hard to say no. Vegetarian food can seem boring, complicated, or better suited to your rabbit’s hutch than to your dinner plate.

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