The Tomato

Cut: This is the ____ reported death by suicide on campus. Photo: CC, pixaline.
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University administration offers condolences, says they take mental health very seriously

Another student has died by suicide at the University of __________, reports student newspaper, The _________.

This marks the _____ death by suicide reported at the university this year, although the actual number may be higher as there are no concrete records collected by the university.

Authorities were called to campus late ________ evening after the student’s body was found in _________ building.

“I can’t believe they’re gone,” said ________, ________ of the student. “They were trying to get help, I never thought it would come to this,” added ________, the student’s __________.

The ______ year _________ student was beloved by students and faculty alike.

“___ was a _______ and _________ ____, with a bright future,” said ________, professor of _______ at the university.

“We take mental health very seriously,” _______, president of the University of ____________ wrote in a statement on Twitter. “We support #bellletstalk and encourage students to seek help.”

The tweet included links to ______ health service for grieving students and staff, although many students pointed out in replies to the tweet that the hotline was notorious for its hold time of __ hours.

According to ________________, the student was on a waitlist for __ months to access help through mental health services on campus.

The student’s family asks for privacy at this time.

In response to the recent death, students have taken to protest the university’s policies on mental health.

“We want real change and we want it now,” said one student, holding up a sign that read “enough is enough.”

The president of the University of _______ has declined a request for comment.

Editor’s note: This Tomato was inspired by The Beaverton.