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The difference between new and old students. Photo: Christine Wang.
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Upper year students in despair over excitement of new students

As 101 Week kicks off, upper year students at the University of Ottawa are reporting feeling uncomfortable with some of the new ideas being brought forward by incoming freshmen. This includes the radical notion that education can be interesting and not just a source of cynicism and exhaustion.

“I can’t believe it, they’re actually excited for this, studying something you’re passionate about with other like minded people. How long until they’re addicted to coffee and barely sleeping?” asked third-year economics student Justine Bennett.

Some students reported feeling frustrated that incoming students are still awestruck by the freedom of being on their own and having more control over their lives. This, in contrast with years of built up resentment over how much laundry they have to do and how few dishes their roommates clean.

It seems that much of the reaction stems from jealousy that older students don’t feel the same positive emotions.

“I was hesitant to approach new students at first, their optimism and general enjoyment of life seemed vaguely threatening to me. And what is that thing they do with their faces? Is it smiling? I remember that…” said fourth-year engineering student Eric Martin.

Many students reported pain from their first attempts at smiles in months as they watched incoming students explore campus.

When asked about whether this lack of enthusiasm for school was a problem for the administration, U of O president Jacques Frémont seemed surprised that there was a problem at all. “Is the university so out of touch? No—it’s the students who are wrong on this.”

Whether you’re excited about the upcoming year or already questioning every decision that could have possibly led you to this point, it’s worth taking some time to reconsider that there are some things good about university. Maybe.