The Tomato

Violence has erupted between two groups of holiday decorations. Photo: CC, Petr-Kratochvil.
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Candy canes, pumpkins, Christmas lights used in the fighting

As Halloween passes, stores are beginning to replace their ghoulish decorations with more winter-themed knick-knacks. Some stores, however, are finding their skeletons and zombies are fighting back against the new wave of decorations.

The fighting first began at a local dollar store. No injuries were reported among employees or shoppers, but several skeletons skinned their knees in the fighting.  “We were beginning to switch our Halloween displays out with Christmas decorations when the fight started,” said Dollarama employee Terri Lana. “We had some of the skeletons using pumpkins to beat the elves we were putting out.”

Soon after, Hordes of slow-moving zombies were seen shuffling toward the Rideau Street Loblaws to acquire more pumpkin weapons. The fall decorations aren’t the only side arming themselves though, as some elves were seen sharpening scavenged candy canes into spears, and crafting ice balls from local freezers.

Brightly-coloured red and green lights have also been used as trip wires to bring down the slow-moving zombies and skeletons.

Officials are working on mediating the conflict between the two sides, with City of Ottawa mayor Jim Watson sitting down with the leader of the Halloween decorations, Jack Skellington, and the mysterious leader of the Christmas decorations, known for wearing a red suit. Peace talks are scheduled to begin next week at city hall.

“We just want to make sure this conflict doesn’t get too out of hand. I think everyone in Ottawa remembers what happened when Valentine decorations decided they weren’t ready to be replaced by Easter candy,” said Watson. “While the rabbit and chocolate meals were delicious, it was a horrifying sight seeing flying babies hunting adorable bunnies.”

While talks begin to bring this round of decoration violence to an end, some are trying to solve the problem on a long-term level. The most popular plan for a lasting peace is to reduce the time each of these groups are in stores together.

“If they have less overlap time, and we can clearly delineate a time for each type of decoration hopefully they won’t feel the need to fight for more time,” said negotiator Hershey Frost. While both sides work for a solution take care when walking downtown, and watch out for elves and skeletons.