The Tomato

Pedro is getting his master’s. Illustration: Rame Abdulkader.
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Pedro becomes a Gee-Gee to pursue his master’s degree

After a four year absence from the University of Ottawa, the Gee-Gees brought Pedro the Panda home in the 50th Panda Game. To commemorate his return, the Tomato decided to sit down with Pedro for an exclusive interview.

The Tomato: What’s it like being back?

Pedro: It’s been great so far, I’ve missed it here, the inexplicable dancers in the University Centre, the hashbrowns at the dining hall, and the Rideau McDonald’s, of course. Carleton’s so far away, out in the suburbs there isn’t much to do.

T: How did you spend your four years at Carleton?  

P: Well, I got my undergraduate degree in biosciences. I figured if I was going to spend time at Carleton I might as well get something out of it. Now I’m thinking of pursuing my master’s here, and then maybe going to veterinary school, when the time is right.

T: Wow, we had no idea you were so academically driven.

P: Well, it’s something that a lot of people don’t know about me. They just assume “Oh, Pedro? He’s all about football.” But that’s not really the case, I’m quite clumsy, believe it or not. I really took that time to focus on me, and my interests. After the incident with the ByWard bear, I realized that there’s a greater need I can fill than just being a trophy, or figurehead so to speak, I want to help other bears. It really gave me the motivation to finish my degree.

T: You’ve had some fun times with football though, I’m sure.

P: Oh yeah, definitely. I’ve parachuted into Lansdowne Place, been transported by an armoured Brink’s truck, travelled. I’ve also been held for ransom on more than one occasion, as well as been brought along on late-night commando raids. I’ve seen it all, kid. One time, some Queen’s university engineering students kidnapped me to raise money for African famine relief. They called me Pand-Aid.

T: Have you gotten any breaks?  

P: Oh yeah, well I was out of commission for a while there, about thirteen years after 1998. The Ravens cancelled their football program, and it should have stayed cancelled, if you ask me. Actually, wait, no, can that be taken off the record?

T: Do you still get up to those shenanigans these days?

P: Turning 50 really gives you perspective, kid. I’m half a century already. That being said, if someone wanted to arrange a good old Pandanapping, or take me for a joyride down Rideau, I wouldn’t say anything to anyone, if you know what I mean.