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The SFUO has decided to move its office from the U of O campus to Le Nordik spa in Québec. Photo: CC, Jason Paris, via Rizki Rachiq Facebook. Edits: Jaclyn McRae-Sadik.
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Executive follows VP finance Rachiq’s lead in relocating to Le Nordik

At the Jan. 11 Board of Administration (BOA) meeting, comptroller general Tanner Tallon revealed that the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa’s (SFUO) vice-president of finance Rizki Rachiq was spending meeting times at Le Nordik, a spa located in Chelsea, Québec.

The SFUO has since announced that this revelation is actually part of a plan to physically move their offices to the spa.

According to SFUO spokesperson Mas Agge, this relocation is designed to motivate SFUO employees to be more interested in their work and provide an incentive to attract employees in the future.

“We noticed that board members weren’t exactly motivated to do their job so we hope this move will make things more exciting for them,” said Agge.

The SFUO cited student engagement as another reason for moving to a more attractive venue.

“We think this new environment will get students more jazzed to see us,” said Agge. “Come visit the SFUO and make it a spa day.”

This move may also alleviate some of the budgetary problems the SFUO is currently facing, since the fees to visit Le Nordik are considerably lower than the cost of renting out office space in the University Centre.

“If you have to choose between running 1848 for a weekend or holding office hours in a sauna, I think it’s pretty clear what the answer is,” said SFUO president Roméo Ahimakin.

Ahimakin went so far as to say that, if this move proves successful, the SFUO will run a budget surplus by the end of the year.

Many students also feel that the move will be positive.

“After dealing with the SFUO about almost anything I tend to feel a lot more tension and stress,” said Angela Roberts, third-year biology student and president of the Science Student’s Association. “Now I can just walk in and get a massage or a soak in a hot tub.”  

A student referendum will be needed to pass the proposal, but word on the street is that the SFUO will be giving away free mud bath treatments to all “yes” voters. In the future, going to get a bus pass may just mean getting pampered along the way.