The Tomato

The Fulcrum office
We love to roast our EIC. Photo: Charley Dutil/Fulcrum
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Number three is our favourite

Looking for something to do with your time and skills? Want to make some money? Look no further — we have a revitalized list of reasons to join the Fulcrum right here.

#10 — You need something to fuel your caffeine addiction with as little labour as possible. 

#9 — Your roommates are obnoxious/making you comfortable.

#8 — You just HAVE to share your opinion with everyone, because it’s obviously the right one.

#7 — You have above-average photoshop skills and want to impress your peers. 

#6 — You want a workspace that’s slightly less depressing than Morriset but slightly more paranormal. 

#5 — You love criticizing people.

#4 — You love criticizing your student union.

#3 — You love cool animals such as zebrafish and owls.

#2 — You’re good at making fun of your boss.

#1 — Ghost the edboard kitten (not the one that haunts the office).