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Some submissions are just above her pay grade. Image: Dasser Kamran/Fulcrum.
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“The Fulcrum does not pay me enough to answer for some of these submissions,” said Daniels

Sex and relationship advice columinist Di Daniels has recently announced that she is not a therapist.

The announcement comes following dozens of emailed questions that Daniels knows she’s not qualified to answer, many of which concern her.

“I once received eight [emails] in a week all about financial issues in students’ marriages,” she said. “I barely know how to manage my own financial problems, much less anyone else’s.”

Daniels, while reiterating that her column is a safe space for all, admits she cannot fix everyone’s relationship problems.

“Someone talked about whether or not they should divorce their wife because she spoke Simlish for half a month.”

“I’m simply here to give you tips about the gluck gluck 9000 and how to ask out cute people in your Zoom lectures,” said Daniels. “But there are couples therapists who are gladly taking new patients.”

Lauv Gooru, a licensed couples counsellor and friend of Daniels, has been promoting her services in the ‘Dear Di’ column at times.

“I’ve actually had a decrease in patients lately,” said Gooru, who has been a couples counsellor for 20 years. “So I’ve been trying to redirect some of Di’s submissions my way. For some reason, people don’t like talking to trained professionals.” 

Daniels says she will delete any submission she deems above her paygrade.

“I feel bad, but at the same time, my job is really to just get people laid. Sometimes you have to be accountable for your own problems,” she said.