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Gym Shark working out
Finston Currents working out in the aquagym. Image: Dasser Kamran/Fulcrum
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He be up in the gym working on his fitness

Popular fitness clothing and accessories brand Gymshark has been revealed to be led by an actual great white shark.

Finston Currents, an Atlantic Ocean native, said he was motivated to create a line of fitness wear that makes exercising fashionable yet comfortable.

“No one wants to work out in boring old clothes. It’s hard to feel good in your own scales when there’s no clothes that can fit a 15 foot shark — or larger!”

A kinesiology graduate from Atlantis University, Currents has had a passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle habits since he was a shark pup.

He remembered as his physical condition improved, his fashion taste had shifted as well. No longer finding interest in the staple fitness clothing brands, Currents started his own in 2012.

“Gymshark is a brand by fitness lovers for fitness lovers. No one should feel like a fish out of water when they’re trying to reach their best point,” he said.

Despite some mixed reviews, the brand has become a staple among athletes and fitness enthusiasts both human and aquatic alike.  Currents is proud of how far his brand has grown.

“I remember swimming around as a pup, trying to manage everything on my own. This has been a good year for us. I just have to keep swimming forward to see what the future holds. Also, I’ll die if I stop.”