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students on the U of O campus
As opposed to Scott Micheal, these first years made it to uOttawa and not Ottawa U. Image: Hailey Otten/Fulcrum
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“They should really change their name. We had it first,” said first-year student Scott Michael

Kansas police arrested a University of Ottawa freshman on Thursday when he was caught trespassing on the campus of Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas.

Scott Michael, the student in question, is entering his first year in finance at the Telfer School of Management at the U of O. The incident began when a GPS system error navigated the Michael family from their home in Brampton, Ont to the Kansas town, rather than Canada’s capital.

“The first red flag came when my key didn’t work,” Michael told the Tomato. “That’s when it should have clicked—or, scratch that, the border crossing. That was the first red flag.”

Instead, Michael proceeded to search for the 90U residence on the OttawaU campus. 

“I saw a room marked ‘90,’ so I thought it was in there,” said Michael. 

The room was, in fact, a typical classroom. When he could not enter the building through its doors, Michael began to scale the building.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Edward Rooney, dean of OttawaU. “It’s a sheer brick wall, and this kid was scrambling up it like Spider-Man.”

According to eyewitnesses, the Michael family then began to pass all manner of home goods, small appliances, and school supplies up to Scott on the second floor. 

“We just wanted to make sure he had everything he needed,” said mother Sandra Michael, when asked about the volume of items which was passed to Michael. “He’s never lived away from home before. You never know when you might need a blowtorch!”

Rooney told the Tomato that Ottawa University intends to drop the charges against the Michael family, conditional upon a mandatory geography class for the family.