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Simplify the busiest time of the year with these tips

Photos by KayCie Gravelle

 Candy cane everything

Candy canes are delicious—we know this—but they can also be super helpful when it comes to holiday entertaining and gift giving.RimmerReady

Take a few candy canes and put them in a Ziploc bag. Then beat the ever-loving daylights out of them with a rolling pin (or a hammer, hair brush, etc.) and you’ll have yourself a festive glass rimmer for cocktails or hot chocolate or a garnish for cakes or cupcakes (try red velvet cupcakes, butter cream icing, and a sprinkle of crushed candy cane). Or, you can sprinkle them on

Candy canes also make great gift tags. Make a cute little name tag out of the most festive paper you have laying around (wrapping paper works great) and wrap it around a candy cane. Then attach the cane to the present for a tasty and adorable gift tag.uncooked gingerbread or sugar cookies and they’ll bake right down into pure deliciousness.


Use egg cartons to store ornaments safely

Not too much of an explanation required for this one. Egg cartons fit all sorts of ornaments. If you’re putting your decorations in a bigger container (Tupperware and the like), you can cut the cartons in half and double the amount of storage. If you’re not sure how much they’ll be protected throughout the year, leave the carton intact so you can close the lid and keep decorations covered.



[styled_box title=”DIY BONUS HACK” color=”red”]If you’re a holiday decoration hoarder and are going to need to upgrade from egg cartons, fret not—there are other options. Some plastic glasses, super glue, and a square piece of cardboard are all you need to fashion yourself a decoration storage unit.

Glue the glasses to the cardboard and fill them with baubles and trinkets. You can even pile cardboard in storage bins and your decorations won’t be harmed .[/styled_box]

Pringles cans as cookie wrapping

Pringles cans are ridiculously handy. You can use them for storing a lot of things , but the most inventive way I’ve seen for the holidays is to use them as gift wrap. If you’re planning on doing some holiday baking this year and are looking for a clever way to give your goodies as gifts, look no further.

Wrap your Pringles can in cute paper, add ribbons, and then slip those delicious cookies right into the can. (A good rinse would be beneficial—salty cookies are only good when done on purpose.)