It seems the seasonal hits have been provoking insanity in employees and some patrons of the mall, with employees wandering the concourse with ugly seasonal sweaters in hand, mumbling about the upcoming Christmas party and claiming they need to prepare for boxing day.

While it seems like stark religious lines are being drawn in the sand this time of year, Fulcrum contributor Nadia Helal talks about Muslim and Christian holiday traditions.

Christmas. The holiday that gives the retailers wet dreams, and makes everyone else afraid to look at their bank accounts.  This holiday madness seems to have taken an unfortunate turn the last few years—a holiday season that used to encompass a few weeks, or a month at most, has recently been thrown into the spotlight …

I don’t dislike Christmas, but this genre of music always makes me rethink my opinion of the holiday season. It is the worst kind of music: it’s unoriginal, it’s ridiculously commercialized, and it’s sometimes utterly horrifying.

‘Tis the season of indulgence. We fill ourselves up with gifts, food, and relaxation, but balance is key when it comes to holiday excess. If you want to beat the “festive 15,” staying active during the holidays is a necessity.

Hundreds of students along with their friends and family members gathered in the Huguette Labelle Hall to take in musical pieces performed by students from the School of Music on Dec. 4.

How to win all the ugly Christmas sweater contests this holiday season  Photos by Tina Wallace While the prospect of receiving and having to wear an ugly Christmas sweater knit by your well-intentioned granny used to illicit groans, these sweaters are now staples in the wardrobes of many university students. To ensure you don’t fall …

The latest trend is for parents to sit their infants down while they’re too young to understand anything and film themselves explaining, “No, Santa’s not real, but we’re all going to pretend he is for the next nine years. We just don’t want to lie to you.” When kids’ Christmas bubbles are burst a few years down the line, the parents whip out the recording to prove they never betrayed their offspring’s trust. Legit, or a little cray?

Whether you’ll be celebrating the holidays long-distance with your honey, or spending the festive season holding hands in front of the fireplace, there are compromises to be made. The mistletoe always looks greener on the other side of the room, but there are perks and pits to both situations. Here, two students share their perspectives on making their differently-distanced relationships work during December.

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