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The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) has posted the unofficial results of its election on Facebook. Results will not be official until they are ratified at the next Board of Administration (BOA) meeting on Feb. 28.

However vice-president equity candidate Diyyinah Jamora is contesting the results, and has asked the Chief Electoral Officer for a recount.

Morissa Ellis received the most votes for vice-president equity with 828. Diyyinah Jamora finished 16 votes behind her with 812, and Luxi Mathi finished with 412. Roméo Ahimakin, who ran unopposed for president, was elected with 1,669 yes votes to 503 no votes.

Vanessa Dorimain, the sole candidate for vice-president university affairs, was elected with 1,603 yes votes to 409 no votes.

Rizki Rachiq narrowly beat out Tanner Tallon for vice-president finance, as Rachiq received 1,069 votes and Tallon received 1,031.

Hadi Wess was elected as vice-president social with 1,096 votes, with Chloé Hayes close behind with 1,020 votes.

Francesco Caruso was elected as vice-president of services and communications with 1,249 votes, while Nelly Nga Nga received 820.

All three referendum questions passed, though they too have to be ratified at the BOA meeting.

The health care question passed with 1,504 yes votes to 890 no votes, the student refugee question passed with 1,906 yes votes to 491 no votes, and the summer U-Pass question passed with 1,758 yes votes.

Seats for the BOA and the Board of Governors (BOG) were also filled during the election.

The BOG position will be filled by Carlie Boisvert, who received 1,417 votes to beat William Hume, who got 664 votes.

The four seats for the Faculty of Arts were filled by Jocelyn Cadieux, who got 163 votes, Eric Chapman, 145 votes, Chloé Madigan, 142 votes, and Ama Ouattara, 122 votes.

There were three open seats for the Faculty of Engineering, but only two were filled. Iffa Hujaleh got 151 yes votes to 87 no votes, and Princejeet Singh Sandhu got 230 yest votes to 50 no votes.

The one open seat for the Faculty of Law, common law section was filled by Lee Chitty, who got 29 yes votes to 3 no votes.

Of the three seats for the Faculty of Health Sciences, two were filled. Dahlia Adrien got 122 yes votes to 27 no votes, and Maxime Lê got 123 yes votes to 26 no votes.

The three seats for the Faculty of Science were filled by Paloma Sawaya, who got 194 votes, Nick Robinson, who got 175, and Setti Belhouari, who got 129.

The five seats for the Faculty of Social Science were filled by Caylie McKinlay, who got 385 votes, Leila Moumouni-Tchouassi, 345 votes, Iris Wong, 312 votes, Tony Bui, 301 votes, and Mikayla Vattiata, 298 votes.

Only two of the three seats for the Telfer School of Management were filled. Milly Pang, who got 118 yes votes to 56 no votes, and Serge Andersen Bakoussam got 145 yes votes and 52 no votes.

Disclosure: Diyyinah Jamora, Nick Robinson and William Hume are volunteers at the Fulcrum.