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Ali Schwabe | Fulcrum Staff

Friday, Feb. 1
If you haven’t been to Lone Star yet, wait no longer: the middle of winter is the perfect time to escape the cold and indulge in some delicious Tex-Mex. The nachos and salsa are free, the margaritas are to die for, and the fajitas are famous for a reason. You pick exactly what you want to eat, and they provide you with everything from grilled peppers and Mexican rice to guacamole and saddle beans. The tortillas are freshly baked in-house as soon as you order them—but no worries if your New Year’s resolution was to cut back; you can also get the fillings with lettuce wraps instead of traditional bread tortillas. The steak is grilled over Mesquite wood imported from Texas, so even if the weather is frightful, your meal will be warm and delightful.

Ready to get back to reality? Rather than complaining about the wintery weather of late, why not embrace it by taking a skate down the canal? It’s finally open, it’s free, and it’s a perfect Friday-night activity. Go with your friends or your sweetheart to pre-emptively burn off the beavertail you’re bound to buy for dessert!

Saturday, Feb. 2
There’s no need to venture off campus for a spectacular Saturday night. Cafeteria food is definitely not where it’s at, but with the click of a button you can have your favourite cuisine delivered to your front door—or any door on campus. Delivery people are generally pretty understanding and will do their best to meet you—wherever you are. I’ve seen pizza delivered to Morisset and Chinese food brought all the way to SITE. Find a table anywhere on campus and enjoy!

After a satisfying meal of whatever dishes you desire, why not check out some on-campus entertainment? Two bands, The Darcys and Pawa Up First, will be playing a $12 show at the U of O on Saturday. Starting at 8:30 p.m., the indie/art rock group and the quintet that plays a little bit of everything will be gracing the Academic Hall stage. If the urge to be a good student overtakes you during the show, at least you’re close to the library and can get a little studying done.

Sunday, Feb. 3
Midterms are fast approaching, and we could all use a break! Escape by watching A Royal Affair at the ByTowne Cinema at 4 p.m. It’s a costume drama that tells the true story of a physician who brought the Enlightenment’s values of reason over blind religion to Denmark in the 18th century. History comes to life on screen, plus there’s some bodice-ripping sex.

Afterward, you’ll be right beside a couple of grocery stores. If you haven’t filled up on movie popcorn, why not look up a fancy recipe online, get all the ingredients required, and head back to your place to cook it up? It will cost half the price and be twice the fun. Bon appetit!