“I do not blame [the support staff] for any of this,” says Jillian Prins, a third-year U of O chemical engineering and biochemistry student. “They literally are the ones taking risks by being on campus to provide us with a complete education,” says Clara Perrier, a second-year biochemistry major at the U of O.

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“Academic freedom, which protects professors and researchers from sanctions when they dissent from prevailing opinions, has been seriously undermined by the authoritarian left. This was confirmed recently in a controversy concerning a University of Ottawa professor who spoke the ‘N-word’ in class,” writes Stuart Chambers, a professor at the school of sociology and anthropology at the University of Ottawa.

Letter to the Editor

“What is happening at the University of Ottawa is not about white folk’s right to access reclaimed verbiage by communities outside of their own, nor about academic freedom, as we have been so led to believe. What we are collectively bearing witness to is about power; namely who can access it, and who must succumb to it,” writes Shadé Edwards, a second-year common law student at the University of Ottawa.