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The Fulcrum gives you four beauty tips to start the winter semester off right

In December we overindulged to celebrate the end of a semester, and quickly followed that up with an onslaught of holiday parties. Fast forward to 2016, and the damage is done.

So why not use the momentum that comes with a new year to restore and rejuvenate. It’s a new year, a new semester, and good time for a (cue cliché) a new you! Here are four beauty commandments to live by in 2016 to ensure a beautiful year.

Thou shalt invest in thy skin:

As fun as celebrations are, they only do one thing when it comes to your skin—wreak havoc. Dehydration and sallow skin is a testament to the fun we had during the holidays, but there comes a time when you have to commit to taking care of your skin.

To do this you simply need to stock up on three things: makeup wipes for the nights you’re too tired to head to the sink, moisturizer for a luminous glow, and sunscreen because—although we tend to forget the sun’s existence in the winter—when you’re hitting the slope, so are the sun rays. That’s it, you only require three skin care items to start off the year right.

Thou shalt be mindful of beauty tics:

Some of us may love school, but it would be a lie to say that we are always fully immersed in every lecture. Unfortunately when boredom strikes, so do careless beauty habits—think nail-biting and mindlessly touching your face.

This year, let us help you find alternatives to kick those bad habits to the curb. To stop biting your nails in class, make sure that your hands are always polished and manicured. You’re less likely to want to dig in after all of the money or time you spent perfecting your nails.

For the face touching, just remember that when you’re doing this you could be transferring bacteria that could lead to a breakout. If you really can’t help yourself, keep some hand sanitizer nearby to aid in maintaining a clear complexion.

Thou shalt be fearless:

We often want to try a bold new lip colour or new ‘do, but fear can step in, making you doubt whether you can actually pull off the look. This will be the year where fear and beauty can’t hang side by side. Try all the looks that you may have been too scared to attempt in 2015.

Purple lipstick? Why not! A trendy bob? Let it be your new thing. All’s fair in beauty and style—you can break the rules and make your own. Go ahead and give yourself the freedom to have some fun in the beauty department, and make 2016 the year you just go for it.

Thou shalt travel light:

Do you really need 82 lipsticks? Or another black eyeliner that you swear is blacker than the last (is there really a difference between carbon black and black anyway)? It’s not so much about the quantity, but the quality of the products you own.

Check the labels of your beauty favourites, like that cream foundation you’ve owned for two years that shouldn’t go anywhere near your face, and look for the little jar with a number followed by an “m”—that’s the amount of months that makeup lasts after opening.

Take a few minutes to do a thorough check of your beauty inventory, and toss out anything that is past its expiry date.

The beauty of purging is that it makes room for all the new products you’ll be experimenting with this year.

Remember, these commandments are all about small, incremental changes. No need to overhaul your beauty routine, but simply inject it with a dose of what is new and bold. Be mindful of your beauty routine and any negative habits that may have crept in. Let’s start 2016 in style, happy new beauty year!


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