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Pub-lounge fusion may have what it takes to stick around

Photo courtesy of: Greg and Stacie Humphreys (CC)

It might be too early to say, butLaurier Social Houseseems to have more stayingpower than its predecessorsHillTop Resto Bar and UrbanWell. Though aesthetically the place pretty much lookslike the bars that were therebefore it, Laurier Social House sets itself apart with simplicity. What the menu lacks in size, it makes up for in taste.

The chicken wings are more than a notch above most of your standard pub fare. They’re offered with a homestyle barbeque sauce, jerk chicken marinade, and honey Sriracha—the latter of which packs a uniquely spicy punch while the honeykeeps it from being toohot to handle. Aside from their wings, the Laurier Social House has a decent selection of draught beer and cider.

The restaurant seems to have a bit of an identity crisis, not knowing if it wants to be a sports pub or a more refined lounge. Though the prices are a bit expensive for a place located in a campus neighbourhood, the menu and their specials should be enough to help them stick around.


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